The University of Otago Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to new undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellent academic potential and leadership capabilities in order to enable them to attend the University of Otago.

Key Highlights:

  • University: University of Otago
  • Host Country: New Zealand
  • Financial Coverage: Partially Funded
  • Course Level: Undergraduate Degree
  • Eligibility: Domestic and International students
  • Deadline: 15 August, 2022

General Eligibility Criteria for University of Otago 2022 Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

Application for all Entrance Scholarships are normally open to students who meet these requirements:

  • Are citizens of New Zealand, permanent residents of New Zealand, citizens of Australia or permanent residents of Australia with domestic fee status;


  • Are international students who have completed Year 12 and have completed or are in the process of completing Year 13 at a New Zealand school, or an equivalent foundation level course at a New Zealand tertiary institution; 


  • Either have plans to enrol or have already registered for the first time at the University of Otago for full-time first-year (100-level) degree-level, undergraduate studies at the University of Otago.


People who have completed more than 0.4 equivalent course hours (EFTs) at any university or tertiary institution at degree level or higher are often not eligible for the programme.

Specific eligibility criteria for University of Otago 2022 Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

In addition to the above eligibility criteria, applicants must have:

  • Participation in activities at school, in the community, and/or in sporting and cultural endeavours in which a demonstrated ability to lead has been demonstrated.
  • Completed NCEA Level 2 with an excellent endorsement, or an equivalent level of education.

Application process for University of Otago 2022 Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship

All applications for Entrance Scholarships must be submitted using eVision, which is the student management system used by the University. You will be needed to go through the first stages of enrolling at the University of Otago in order to access the online application for the Entrance Scholarship before you can submit an application for a scholarship.

In the application for the Entrance Scholarship, it is recommended that in order to be considered for this scholarship, you should have completed the section of the application titled “Leadership.” Additionally, it is recommended that the sections titled “Extra-curricular Activities” and “Academic Achievements” are also completed. You are not required to finish the application in its entirety all at once. You are able to save your work and come back to it at a later time; however, it is important to keep in mind the deadlines for the scholarships so that you do not lose out.

Selection of recipients

The Selection Panel, which is comprised of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of External Engagement who will serve as the chair, the Director of Planning and Funding, the Director of Campus and Collegiate Life Services, the Head of Schools’ Liaison, the Manager of Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships, or their nominees, and up to four additional nominees of the Scholarships Committee, will take into consideration the following aspects when deciding who will receive the scholarships:

  • An evaluation of their academic abilities, including any disciplines or courses that are pertinent to the university programme that they intend to pursue (a minimum of NCEA Level 2 awarded with excellence, or equivalent, is normally required for consideration).
  • Demonstrated leadership potential.
  • Sporting and/or cultural involvement.
  • Contribution to the community.

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