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ADS for WP is an Advanced Ad Inserter solution built for WordPress & AMP. It is very easy to use, and unlimited in-content Ads, Adsense, Premium Features and more.

Ahmed Kaludi and Mohammed Kaludi are actively developing this plugin and their aim is to make this WordPress Ads plugin the #1 solution in the world.

Ahmed Kaludi and Mohammed Kaludi are an enthusiastic team who likes to solve the problems and make the lives easier for their users.

They are very passionate about the Ads and its effects on the publisher’s behaviours, we feel like there’s a lot of innovation and contribution we can do for the end user.

Their aim is to build the #1 Ad solution in the world and we have a roadmap for it as well.

Ads for WP

What is Ads for WP?

Today, I’m excited to present to you “Ads for WP“, an Open Source and Free Ads plugin available for the WordPress community. The plan of this Ads plugin is to make it the best Ad solution in the market and we won’t stop until it’s built.

Features of Ads for WP.

  1. Easy to use: We have designed the user experience in a way that it is extremely easy to add an advertisement. There are no clunky options or selections that you have to go through, just plain and simple ad management. We will be making it very advanced but the user experience will always be our first priority!
  2. Performance and Light: We have made sure that the plugin is lightweight so that it doesn’t put a lot of the pressure on the server. We are making performance our priority since the beginning.
  3. AMP Compatibility: AMP has been integrated into the core by default. Any ad that you create, will generate a valid AMP compatible output right out of the box. We will support all the AMP plugins and extensions by default.
  4. Native Integration Ad Companies: Currently, we have Google Adsense and integrated into the plugin, we are planning to add all the Advertisement companies. We will be adding more and more ad companies integration as we go ahead. If you are using an Ad company which is not a part of our options, then do let us know by contacting us and we will add their integration for you.
  5. Top Notch Support for Opensource Product: We will be offering a great support for each and every free user. Every single bug or feature request will be taken seriously. We don’t care if it takes us weeks or months, we will solve each and every problem to make sure that we are able to help with the issues. We will keep the feedback loop tight and communicate all the feedback with the development team.
  6. Constant Development: They are constantly developing the plugin and our aim is to make it the best AD solution in the world. We have a development roadmap for the plugin.

Ads for WP Technical Features

  • Unlimited Ads
  • Google Adsense Support
  • Custom Ad HTML support
  • Support
  • Ads Shortcode
  • AMP Compatibility: Seamless integration with AMP for WP & AMP by Automattic.
  • Post Specific Ads Control: Easily inject Between the content, After the content or Before the content.

Upcoming Features / Roadmap

Let's have a look at some of the upcoming features which will be developed actively.

Display Conditions: A way to show/hide ads individually on based on posts, pages, taxonomies, custom post types, device, location, cookie, parameter, etc.

Visitor Conditions: Find out if the user is coming from a Device, Website, date, a URL, location, language, Parameter, User Agent and many more.

Reports / Stats: View the detailed statistics of the Ad reports and earnings right from your dashboard.

A/B Testing: Find out which ads perform the most and how you can improve the ad revenue further.

GDPR & Privacy tools: We have got the GDPR and other privacy tools planned so that you don’t have to worry about complying with privacy laws.

Click Fraud Protection: Helps you fight the click fraud and helps you stabilize the ad revenue.

Responsive Ads: We will be adding the responsive support to Ads to give the best viewability to ads on devices.

Ad Group: You can assign multiple ads to one group and give them a specific condition.

Ad Blocker: Help you fight Ad blocker users and help you improve monetization.

Innovation & Disruption: We are constantly evolving our product and going to introduce new features which are not being used by anyone in the world.

Download Ads for WP Plugin

You can download the plugin from the official Ads for WP repository.

How to Report Bugs and Features: You can help us improve the plugin by reporting the issues and suggesting new features, you must create a new ticket in the Github Repository.

Contribute to this Open Source Project: If you are a developer or a WordPress webmaster, we would love your pull request to our Github repository.

Telegram Community Group: We have the whole development and support team available live on the Telegram group.

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