How To Activate Airtel 4.6GB for N200 And 23GB for N1000

Get Airtel 4.6GB for N200, or Airtel 23GB data for N1000, it works for all internet enabled device including mobile phones and laptops. Interesting right? of course, it is.

Hello Airtel Nigeria users, we at are here with another cheap Airtel data plan which gives you a whopping 4.6GB of data for N200 or 23GB of data for N1,000. This is not a cheat or tweak, it's an offer from Airtel.

We all know how expensive data is, but sometimes, we need to enjoy cheap data or even free browsing, without wasting much of your time, let's go directly to the topic.

How To Get Airtel 4.6GB for N200

  1. Open your messages
  2. Send GET to 141
  3. You will get this type of reply "Dear customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME FOR THE NEXT THREE MONTH"
  4. If you receive the above message, then you are qualified for the offer and you’ll be able to get Airtel data bundle at a cheap rate
  5. Then Buy Airtel N200 Airtime
  6. Load the card using this code; *143*Recharge Card PIN#
  7. There you go, you get a fantastic 4.6GB data on Airtel.

Continue to recharge your Airtel line with N200 airtime using the above code, by recharging 5 times you will get 23GB data. Dial *223# to check your Airtel data balance.

Airtel 4.6GB for N200 and 23GB for N1000

Airtel 4.6GB for N200

  • Recharge your Airtel line with N200 airtime
  • Recharge your line using the code below
  • Dial *143*Recharge Card PIN#
  • You will receive Airtel 4.6GB data bundle

Airtel 23GB for N1000

  • Recharge your Airtel line with N200 airtime up to 5 pieces
  • Load it with the below code
  • Dial *143*Recharge Card PIN# for all of them (the 5 cards)
  • You will be able to get up to 23Gb Airel data.

How To Check Airtel 4.6GB or 23GB Data Balance

To check your Airtel 4.6GB for N200 and 23GB for N1000 data balance, simply dial *223# and you will get a popup displaying your remaining data balance. Protection Status

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