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American University Of Nigeria Scholarships And Aid: AUN understands what is involved in attaining a globally respected, private university degree and that such an investment may require outside financial support. AUN’s Financial Aid Program is designed to assist qualified students who may not have all the financial resources to attend a place such as AUN. We believe that financial considerations should not be barriers to quality education for students who meet our academic criteria.

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Every year AUN provides scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to close to 15% of the student body. AUN also collaborates with other non-profit organizations dedicated to helping students with financial need. They include the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation, the Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation, and the Friends of Nigeria. His Excellency Atiku Abubakar provides significant scholarship support to AUN students. Thanks to this impressive financial aid program, hundreds of young people such as Queen Sabo Odeh, Mustafa J. Gidado, Obiorah Hephzber, Victor Ynyang and Mohammad Njiemoun have been able to attain their academic dreams.

AUN’s Financial Assistance Program

AUN has several types of financial assistance programs for undergraduate students that cover full tuition and in some cases, room and board. There are Academic Merit Scholarships as well as Need Based-Merit Scholarships. AUN also has a Work-Study Program and provides tuition waivers for children of AUN faculty and staff. AUN provides two full scholarships on an annual basis to students from each Nigerian State.

Merit Scholarships

Each year AUN awards full-tuition merit scholarships to undergraduates with outstanding academic qualifications. AUN Merit Scholarship awardees are selected from the newly admitted students on the basis of academic achievement and promise. Awards are renewable for each undergraduate year provided that the student maintains a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA. Should a student lose scholarship eligibility, a formal appeal can be submitted in order to reactivate it once the cumulative GPA is over 3.00.

Need Based-Merit Scholarships

These scholarships are outright grants of assistance for undergraduate students based on demonstrated need. The purpose is to help qualified full-time undergraduates who could not otherwise pursue a university education. These scholarships are based on both financial need and merit, following an evaluation of two separate documents: 1) the student’s Admissions Application and 2) the AUN financial Aid Application and supporting documents. A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA is required to maintain this Scholarship. A 3.0 cumulative GPA is required in order to graduate.

Presidential Scholarships

Students who did not receive a scholarship for their freshman year, but who have demonstrated academic excellence while at AUN, in addition to financial need, may apply for this scholarship through the office of the President. They must submit a scholarship application and have two letters of reference from faculty or senior staff. On an average more than 30 students each year receive full tuition Presidential scholarships.

PCNAF-FON Nigerian Female Leaders Scholarship

The Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation (PCNAF) believes educating women and girls in northern Nigeria is a key to economic development. It is committed to female Nigerian students who need assistance to complete their education.

In 2012, the PCNAF partnered with Friends of Nigeria (FON) and AUN to provide scholarships for female students who experience unexpected financial problems. Students in need of emergency support are evaluated on a case by case basis by the AUN President and Vice President for Finance. In addition to need, the focus is on students who have a strong academic record as well as significant participation in community service. Recipients are expected to serve as mentors to secondary school girls in northern Nigeria who are also recipients of PCNAF scholarships.

Shehu Musa Yar’Ada Foundation

The Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation was established to continue the enduring legacy and ideals of ideals of Shehu Yar’Adua; his commitment to national unity, good governance and to building a just and democratic society for all Nigerians. As part of this mission, The Yar’Adua Merit Scholars program was created to provide comprehensive education to talented youth that would provide them with the skills to enhance their lives of other people. The Foundation identifies young people throughout Nigeria at an early age who have academic potential and financial need. It then provides financial support through elementary and secondary school. AUN supports university education for selected students from this program. Several Yar’Adua Merit Scholars are now completing their university work at AUN including Victor Inyang, who aspires to become a doctor.

Work Study Program
As part of its financial aid program, AUN provides full-time undergraduate students with the opportunity to participate in the Work Study Program and contribute toward their educational expenses while developing job skills in various campus offices. Application forms are available at the Office for Student Affairs and should be made early in the semester. Placement is made on the basis of capability, need and job availability. Students may work a maximum of ten hours per week; the hourly rate is based on the type of work performed.

How to Proceed American University Of Nigeria Scholarships And Aid

New students need to seek financial aid simultaneously with the admission process. The application for financial aid and supporting documentation will in no way affect the admissions decision.

Application forms are available at the Office of Financial Aid. We encourage you to visit our Website or email:
Mobile: +234 805 226 6593, +234 807 740 0585

Please note: A student must first be accepted by AUN before receiving a University scholarship. All scholarships are awarded at the time of admission.

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