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BusyBee Income Hub is a Nigeria news Income website that's created for learning, earning and having fun.

Nigerians can join the BusyBee Income Hub community as long as you are 18 years and above.

BusyBee is an opportunity for job seekers, students, housewives, anyone who believes he/she needs an extra income.

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BusyBee Income

BusyBee Income Hub

BusyBee Income will keep you up to date on the latest information on, Business, Investment, Finance, how to create multiple streams of income, hot skills, affiliate marketing and many more.

BusyBee pay their members for reading a post, submitting a post, commenting on a post, watching videos, upvote, daily login and more.

They also hold an online training where members can learn how to create multiple streams of income.

You can join their WhatsApp group here for an online tutorial. Join WhatsApp group.

How To Earn On BusyBee Income

Earning on BusyBee Income Hub is easy as they've two (2) ways of earning, which are;

1) BusyBee Income Hub: This allows members to earn by commenting on posts, reading a post, active daily login, active daily site visit, sharing sponsored posts, viewing pages, watching videos and more.

2) BusyBee Income Affiliate Program: After successful registration and approval, busybee income member automatically becomes an affiliate.

Busybee Income would pay you ₦600 = BBI 600 for a successful referral of anyone who joins Busybee Income through your personal referral link.

BusyBee Earning Table

Ways to earn on Busybee Income Hub. BBI means BusyBee Income

New sign up BBI 120 / once
Daily login BBI 55 / once daily
Viewing content BBI 3 / no limit
Publishing content BBI 100 / twice daily
Well-constructed comment BBI 3
Watching videos BBI 5
Referral Sign up BBI 600 / no limit
Upvote BBI 1 / no limit
Coupon Vendor BBI 60 / no limit
Product review BBI 2 / 10 per day
If your post gets 100 views BBI 50
If your post gets 200 view BBI 100
If your post gets 300 views BBI 150


PAYOUT: It's a weekly payout, you can request for withdrawal on Friday from 10 am – 10 pm.

How To Join BusyBee Income Hub

To signup (register)/ login

  • At the top header menu, you will see an image icon, click on it, it will direct you to the login page.
  • Scroll down and you will see the sign up (register) button for new users. Click on it.
  • Fill the form on the page and activate it by confirming your email account through the link sent to your mail address

Note: BBI means BusyBee Income

  • 1 BBI  = 1 NAIRA
  • 50 BBI = 50 NAIRA


How do I get paid? They reward users with BBI. 1 BBI = 1 NAIRA.

How do I convert this to money? Once you have accumulated a minimum of 2000 BBI, you can request payment.

Why pay N1000 before withdrawal? This is for those who were not able to afford the Registration fee of N1000 at the point of registration. because we feel some people might not have the cash to get started, we decided to allow everyone to sign up for free and start earning until they reach their threshold. We believe by then they would be able to afford the registration fee N1000 and get their account fully activated.

Do I need to refer to get paid? No, not at all. But BusyBee Income will reward you with BBI for referring new members to the community.

How they generate income to pay you? They have many ways of generating income.

Through advertisements and stores. They will be selling adverts (targeted adverts) at every opportunity we have.

They will also be selling lots of digital contents ranging from educational books (seminars, assignments, motivational books and many more that are available for this category) to business books (proposals, CV templates, cover letters and many more).

Note: Members can pay with their BBI or buy coupons code from their trusted coupon code sellers or pay directly to their bank account to be able to download the product.

Ok, how will they pay you? They pay directly to all members account.

You register your bank details by clicking on ADD ACCOUNT DETAILS.

What are the maximum earnings for a member on Busybee Income Hub? There is no limit, you can earn as much as possible. They will pay you for your work. 100% GUARANTEED

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