How To Fund 9pay Account

How To Fund 9pay Account. 9mobile users who are registered on 9pay app Nigeria platform will need to know the steps in funding their 9pay account and how to use 9pay.

Before jumping into funding 9pay account, let talk about 9pay and its benefits, and for the seek of those who don't really know what 9pay wallet is all about.

What is 9mobile 9pay?

9pay is a mobile payment solution that allows 9mobile users or other subscribers pay for mobile apps and other digital services on Google Play store. You can also use your 9pay wallet accounts to pay for an exciting array of services online like a lottery, collect change digitally and pay for web services. So 9pay is your financial institution and cash manager.

Now that you know what it's all about, you might be wondering how to register for 9pay. Registration is easy and can be done from your 9mobile sim card or their website.

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How To Register For 9pay

You can register for 9pay on their website by clicking here, when the registration form display, kindly fill in your correct details and complete your registration.

9mobile users can also dial *500# from their mobile phone and register. With this option, you will be asked to provide is your first call, ultimate name, mobile number, and your selected four-digit pin.

Register For 9pay

Now that you have registered, you might be wondering on how to fund 9pay account, now let's talk about that.

How To Fund 9pay Account

Now we are going to show you steps in funding your 9pay account.

  1. Via Web, log on to 9pay portal and sign in.
  2. Go to “Fund Account” tab.
  3. Via USSD, dial *500# on 9Mobile Nigeria network if you are a 9Mobile user. Follow the onscreen prompts to “Fund 9pay Account”.
  4. You will be asked to enter the amount you want to load to your Account.
  5. Enter your card details, and load the amount into your 9pay Account.

The below video was created by 9mobile officials, can also help you in funding your account.

Was also posted on Twitter by 9pay twitter handle.

With our write-up and the above videos, we believe you now know how to fund 9pay account.

NOTE: The maximum limits for loading your Account daily are: Via USSD: N20, 000 per day, and Via web portal: 20, 000 per day. Your Account balance cannot exceed N250, 000 at any time. Protection Status

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