NewsPay - How To Make Money on #200,000 Weekly

How to earn at least ₦200,000 Weekly on Income Program.

Depending on your activeness by doing some few tasks such as posting a status on Facebook, commenting on their website posts and referring friends and family to join the platform etc.

You get paid weekly to your Bank account, 100% REAL and GUARANTEED PAYMENTS to your Nigerian Bank Account instantly by transfer.

Steps To Make Money on

  1. Register on NewsPay Earning Bundle
  2. Deploy the use of Internet Marketing of NewsPay directly to your subscribers with your affiliate link.
  3. Send a bulk mail to your subscribers telling them about NewsPay and use your affiliate link in the mail so they get started with it and you earn.
  4. Tell your Subscribers how you are also an AUTHORISED COUPON SELLER on NewsPay which gives them the more trust level impression about dealing with you and purchasing coupons from you.
  5. Follow up your Subscribers and convert them to earnings.
  6. You would absolutely earn close to ₦200,000 or more before the end of this week.

Internet marketing platforms like Aweber, Constant Contact and the rest can be good to deliver emails to your subscribers efficiently. Info dropped by NewsPay Highest Earner.

You can register on other news paying website and blogs like and khashflow income program. Protection Status

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