Income Program Review | Earnings Income Review. And how to make money on PAYnig is an online news publishing website that pays its members (contributors) for their daily activities performed on the website.

Activities like, Posting articles, reading articles, daily login to site, daily site visit, referring members to join the site and so on.

UPDATE 24/09/2018: Their website is down for Maintenance. has the same functions as,, and Income Program Review


Making money on is simple. Each task you perform on PAYnig earn you money.

  1. Registration: Not available
  2. Daily log in reward: Not available
  3. Sharing Sponsored Post: you are paid #100 per day for the daily sponsored post you shared on your facebook timeline.
  4. Submit Post: That is when you create a new post on the site, you earn #100 per post.
  5. Reading of Post: Not available
  6. Commenting: You Earn #20 per relevant comment you make on a post.
  7. Referral bonus: For each of your friends or family you refer, you get a sum of #1,000.

Which means if you refer 100 persons, you get 100x#1,000=#100,000.

PAYnig pays without you referring. PAY Weekly.

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