Popup for AMP - Best Lightweight AMP Popup For WordPress

Popup for AMP pages is a great way to get users attention and drive CTR. Introduce Popup for AMP, the new Lightweight Popup functionality to the community. Popups are a great way to get the attention from the users and helps you get a very high CTR and actions.

Ahmed Kaludi of AMPforWP Plugin has built this lightweight popup plugin that works perfectly on the AMP. AMP Popup allows you to implement unlimited Popups which can be controlled to be shown on the specific pages. You can also content and the designs of the popup.

You can even add the Email Opt-in forms (if you have AMP Optin) installed. ADS for AMP.

Many people have been wondering if the popups are even possible in the AMP since the Javascript isn’t allowed, but we are proud to say that we have been able to do a great implementation.

Features of Popup for AMP

  • Unlimited Beautiful Responsive Popups
  • Conditional Display
  • Delay The Load
  • Fully Customizable
  • More Designs (Upcoming)
  • Continuous Development
  • For AMP Community: Compatible with other AMP plugins like AMP by Automattic

Unlimited Beautiful Responsive Popups: Present a nice looking popup to your audience which automatically adapts the mobile devices. You can even customize the colours and look of the popup. We’re going to add more designs into this in future.

Conditional Display: You can display globally or drill down on a few pages. If you need to display the popup only on a specific post type, category, tag or even a post, you can do that with the help of this conditional display tool.

Delay The Load: You can define when the popup will be displayed. You can define the number of seconds after which the popup will be loaded.

Fully Customizable: The Design elements of the popup are fully changeable. You can control the design with the help of colour pickers which are separate for each popup.

More Designs (Upcoming): We’re working on the more popup designs which will be added in the future updates.

Continuous Development: We will be working hard to continuously develop this extension and release updates constantly so that your forms can continue to work flawlessly on accelerated mobile pages.

For AMP Community: We’ve made this extension compatible with other AMP plugins like AMP by Automattic.

How To Download Popup for AMP

You can get this feature from Popup for AMP extension page. Ahmed Kaludi is planning to do even more stable integrations in the future. If you have any questions about it in then please let us know in the comments section below.

10% Discount: Popup extension is available for just $39, but we’re offering a 10% discount only for the limited period of time. Use the coupon ‘POPUP‘ while checkout to avail the discount.

Future Roadmap

Ahmed Kaludi and Mohammed Kaludi are planning to continuously develop this extension so that we are able to provide the 100% compatibility.

In future, if you might face any bugs or issues after the major updates of the Popup, we will make sure that we align ourselves with their development and keep on updating this extension to maintain the full compatibility for you.

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